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SCRR Team-Up Day 3
2017-02-25T18:30:00.000Z So Cal Rotor Racing - MGP
SCRR Team-Up Day 3
About this Meetup
  • El Dorado, Long Beach, CA, USA
  • 2017-02-25T18:30:00.000Z

  • So Cal Rotor Racing - MGP
  • Created by Reggie R. (R3)

  • A fun day of competitive teamwork. Team Captains will choose and form their team ala dodgeball in grade school. Captains will send a member of their team to race. Fixed lap race - last place will be knocked out. If pilot crashes and can continue to fly, he can still race. Last pilot/team standing is declared the winner. This is knockout rounds!!! If there are uneven members of teams, that team will get an extra life for first out on their team. Team will be tuned into same frequency to spot and ensure racer is flying all flags/gates and also to help coach the team member on their team.

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