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IEFPV Indoor Micro FPV Event Round 2
2017-11-19T03:00:00.000Z Inland Empire FPV (IEFPV)
IEFPV Indoor Micro FPV Event Round 2
About this Meetup
  • 1345 Parkside Pl, Ontario, CA 91761, USA
  • 2017-11-19T03:00:00.000Z

  • Inland Empire FPV (IEFPV)
  • Created by Tommy C. (Ronin FPV)

  • We are proud to announce our second indoor event, which means the first one wasn't a complete disaster. Actually, pilots and families had a blast. If you have a micro FPV setup, you'll want to race this indoor track, and meet other local pilots in the community.

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